Friday, June 4, 2010

Here we are!

First a website, then Facebook, now a Blog, yes I am really trying to overwhelm Pat. This is going to be an easy way to keep our friends up on shop info and life. Now understand, this will be the ramblings of a somewhat distracted mind. Well, depending on when I post, so feel free to jump in and help me out from time to time. We will enjoy the input!
Is it summer or what???? We have had some of the biggest raindrops and now some of the brightest sunshine. Yes, summer in Soldotna. Of course that means, Quilting on the Kenai. This is our 16th year and we are still excited. Pat came home from market with some really fun gadgets and we can't wait to share. Trish Stuart is helping us to prepare for her classes and they are already starting to fill. Don't wait to long. I, personally am going to take all 5 classes. This will be my first class with Trish and I am looking forward to being stretched. As the next few weeks of preparation continue, I will try to get some pics posted, just a few hints and clues for the upcoming show.

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