Monday, April 18, 2011

Well the Mystery is solved and we have the pictures to prove it!!! We had wonderful food,swans a swimming, bird nest's and more.....

How about a Chocolate or Vanilla Caramel swan for desert????
As you can see, all the sewing resulted in some wonderful blocks....

Miss Donna and her Romantic Rose.
Miss Arleen and her Tropical Punch.
Miss Chrissy and her African Adventure.
Miss Katie and her Tropical Splendor.
Miss Donna and her Cup of Cappuccino
Miss Kathy and her Soft Cream Serenade.
And now for the quilt, presenting.....StarDust!

Brenda's StarDust
Michelle McAnally's StarDust

 Patterns will be available in the shop and on the Web, Monday the 25th. Hope all my Mystery girls enjoyed themselves, I know that Pat and I had a blast!! Thanks for joining us.


  1. Jody has been given her orders to get me one!!! I SO should have been there! Miss you all like crazy!!!


  2. Yes, you should have. We miss you lots!!