Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The chickens are on the loose, yes, they are everywhere and even starting to lay eggs. They are called 'Pollo Loco' (crazy chicken) and Maria Horwath has created more than a few.  This particular clutch was hatched in the new 'Terrain' collection from MODA. This fabric group also has a collection of 3 vinyl coated cottons for an adorable jacket or tote.

Also new, 'Serenity' by Red Rooster. This incredible Asian collection has delicate geisha's surrounded by gorgeous peonies. This beautiful pattern is free when you purchase 'Serenity' fabrics or the available kit.

 Looking out at the sun and having a great day, hope yours is great too!


  1. When Jody gets back she is gonna have to send me this pattern!!!

  2. Now you know, Jody is not the only one who knows how to mail stuff.......just sayin'....Miss you and it's good to hear from you.

  3. Lol I miss you guys too! Still my favorite quilt shop!