Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is it Breakup yet????????

Well it definitely feels like it should be and spring is in the shop! Two new groups from Moda, "Twirl' is full of butterflies with pinks and greens and accents of black.  Add a charming pattern, "Simply Cakes..1..2..3", and you have an easy one day project.

How about a little "Good Fortune". Moda has created this delightful collection of pastels with an Asian influence. Teal, orange, purples and greens, these are a few of the perfect colors that accentuate the dragonflies and cherry blossoms. We have decided to add to your good fortune......come into the shop, select your purchase and as you check out, choose your Fortune cookie to see what discount will be applied to your purchase. 5%, 15% 25% or 40%....what kind of fortune awaits you.......

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