Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And the Winners are......

(drum roll, please).

Jen Allen received Best of Show in the Quilting on the Kenai Viewers Choice Quilt Show.

The winners are as follows:

Lap quilts: 1st Jeanette Pietro 2nd Jack Ross 3rd Barb Steckel

Miniatures: Lily Heubsch, Deane Owens, Doris Lane

Youth: John Grossl

Other: Joann Biegel, Barb Steckel, Barb Steckel

Wall Hangings: Lana Barnes, Barb Steckel, Kathy Sanders

Wearable:  Zada Friedersdorf, Jack Ross, Jody Marker

Applique: Jen Allen, Joann Herring, Joann Beigel

Machine Embroidered:  Michelle McAnally, Enid Keyes

Bed Quilts:  Carla Carlisle, Cindy Rainey, Sylvia Merryman

Crib Quilts:  Donna Tomlinson, Kathy Sexton, Joann Beigel

Design Originals:  Cindy Rainey, Jan Wallace, Brenda Clyde

Hand Quilted: Tina and John Hall, Ann-Lillian Schell, Flory Loughed


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