Saturday, May 16, 2015

We survived Quilt Market!

Well of course we did, I mean how hard is running around feeling soft silks, touching smooth cotton, snuggling beautiful wools. If our husbands are reading this it was SO very hard.......but all of our quilter friends know the real truth. We had a our wonderful little companion, Chappy, with us very day and boy did he take advantage of the situation.......lots of photo ops. Take a picture of me here, oh, here's a nice place for a photo, oh look, my fur will really set off the colors in these fabrics. I think my photo finger was getting sore.

Chappy at Square Rose

Chappy at Robert Kaufman's

And of course we have so many photos of new things that will be coming into the shop....

And those are just the beautiful things from Hoffman......there is so much more!
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